Coach D – Copy Pro Traders No Recruiting Crypto Trading Platform

Copy Pro Traders (CPT) is a crypto trade execution platform for Professional and Non Professional Traders. Professional Traders can easily manage and execute trades with our proprietary software. Through the power of Social Trading, non-professional traders can easily and automatically make the same trades as the pros they follow.
Cryptocurrencies are the future of our economy, get involved now before it gets too expensive to really take advantage of the market.
People try and over complicate this simple investing concept and make up lots of excuses as to why it will not work for them, but the simple fact is our business concept is as simple as: 
(1). Pay Your Monthly CPT Subscription Fee.
(2). Setup Your Crypto Exchange.
(3). Connect Your CPT Platform to Your Crypto Exchange.
(4). Fund Your Crypto Exchange and Convert Your Funds Into USDT.
(5). Let Our Pro Traders Do The Rest.

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