Coach D – Copy Pro Traders Affiliate Pay Plan Review

Copy Pro Traders
The onset of social trading is a game-changer. You can take all of the same trades as the pro traders and optionally make referrals along the way.

Direct Referral Commission $21 in BTC
For each $99 subscription that you sell / refer you receive a $21 commission known as a Direct Commission. It is also paid upon subscription renewals each month.

Indirect Commissions $7 in BTC
Once you have referred your second customer, you can receive referral commissions on 7 generations of customers. We payout $7 indirect commissions on generation 2 through 7 of referral subscriptions. Of course, this includes monthly renewals too.

Top Affiliate Infinity Bonus $10
This additional $10 bonus is paid out to Affiliates that qualify by sponsoring 15 Affiliates personally that have each referred at least 5 customers. It is given to the first Top Affiliate in the line of referral sponsorship. It is possible to receive a Top Affiliate Commission in addition to a Direct or Indirect Commission from the same subscription payment. That could be a whopping $31 per subscription. There is 1 Bonus paid per subscription to the first Top Affiliate we come across, even if they are beyond the 7 generations. This means a Top Affiliate could potentially override hundreds (or more) generations with a $10 per-subscription-bonus.

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